Our Selection of Racks

The main visual and functional component of the wine feature is of course the racking.  NCV works with a variety of racking styles to give you the broadest selection possible.

Wood - traditional or more modern, designed to meet your aesthetic desires and collecting habits.

We can provide a custom wine room with more traditional wine racks or a more modern contemporary style.

Our selection of wood racks are much different than offered by our competition.  The quality of the woods, the joinery, and the thoughtful designs separate them from the rest.

The modern style utilizes designs and racks from Doc Watters, a trained sculpture.  

The more traditional designs utilize racks from Stellar Cellars.

The craftsmanship on both products is exceptional and the joinery is the finest of all wine racks on the market.    

We can design and build your custom racks from a variety of hardwoods, a variety of VOC free finishes and almost any design you can imagine. 


Metal - Customizable free-standing black metal with fixed or sliding trays.

These racks are a complete system of floor standing metal racks.

There is nothing similar in look, quality, bottle capacity, and flexibility on the market today.

There are four types of trays for the bottles: two fixed and two sliding.

The high quality engineering and manufacturing result in very tight tolerances and a very strong and sturdy floor standing system.

These racks are very functional and can be designed to meet any collecting style.

They look great in traditional or modern settings.

The price point is such that they  are ideal for wine storage situations where capacity and price are the main decision drivers.


Metal - Black Metal Rods with built in LED lighting.

This wine storage system consists of black metal rods attached to a black metal mast.  The rods have built-in LEDs and are so thin that the bottles appear to float in the air.

These racks can used by themselves or to accent a wood rack.



Metal - Curved Rods hold the bottles

This racking system can be mounted on the wall or on the floor.  

A unique concept in self-assembled wall mounted wine racks and free standing wine storage racks that is bringing monumental change to the wine storage industry.

The design patented wine rack systems are like no other on the market, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to design, style and bottle capacity. 

There are a variety of heights and bottle display options and three different finishes.


Custom Wood racks for almost any design or collecting preference.

We can design almost any type of wood wine storage imaginable.  These are just a few of the custom racks or storage solutions that we designed and installed.