Redundant refrigeration systems, state of the art security, private lockers and more.

Caring For Your Collection

At NCV, our facilities are purpose-built and specifically engineered to protect your fine wines. To transition your collection from its current location to your personal NCV storage, we offer packing and transport  services.

Climate Control And Monitoring

Our storage areas are designed to protect the quality and integrity of your wines by eliminating all the environmental threats, including improper temperature, extremely low or high humidity levels, excessive light and vibration. The areas are kept at a perfect wine storage temperature of 55 degrees with a relative humidity of 60 - 70% with redundancy built into the refrigeration systems to maintain the ideal climate should problems arise. In addition, the area is monitored 24/7 using advanced, real time tools that instantly alert NCV if there are any changes in temperature or humidity.

Security And Preparedness

Our advanced, biometric fingerprint technology security system ensures only you have access to your storage space. And, our refrigeration experts monitor the climate in the storage area around the clock and are ready at all times to immediately resolve any issue in the event of a power or system failure. 

Provenance and Collection Insurance

To establish provenance of Member wine collections, we leverage reports generated by the climate monitoring tool combined with NCV’s exceptional collection management services. Should you desire additional insurance for your collection, we also offer the services of an independent insurance agency that is experienced with wine.