Selecting the correct refrigeration system is important to the long-term success of the cellar.


The decision of which system is best for the wine feature depends on many factors. We approach the refrigeration challenge very early in the conversation so that all facets are addressed.

The CUBE is an ideal solution for certain situations such as a wine feature where it is impossible or very challenging to install a line-set to the exterior compressor, such as in a high-rise apartment or when converting an existing space into a climate controlled wine room.

Split systems can be installed in just about any situation because we have a variety of capacities and form factors to choose from.

NCV is confident that both systems do an excellent job of maintaining the desired temperature and protecting the wine. Our split systems have a small temperature fluctuation when the compressor cycles while the CUBE does not have a compressor so there are almost zero temperature fluctuations.

NCV and its installers stand behind all products we install. Our split systems have standard manufacturers warranties and certain parts of the compressor can be upgraded to a five year warranty. The CUBE has a standard five year warranty that can be upgraded to ten years.

In terms of aesthetics, when a split system is installed, we hide the interior unit so it is not a distraction from the rest of the room while not impeding air flow. The CUBE is gorgeous so it does not need to be hidden.


Split System: NCV uses a interior evaporator or air-handler engineered for climate controlled wine rooms. We have installed this American made product for over 15 years and it is used in both NCV locations. It does an exceptional job of managing the climate in the wine room with a temperature flucuation of less than 2 degrees, usually less than 1 degree, when the compressor cycles on and off.

CUBE: This is a high-tech system that uses circulating water to cool the wine room. It has three major components, all of which are located in the house. One unit goes on the ceiling of the wine room and the other two can be within 100 feet of the wine room, inside the home. The CUBE is very quiet and does an exceptional job of managing the climate. There is almost no temperature fluctuation since there is no compressor cycling on and off.

Technical overview


Split System

This shows the basics of a split system. NCV offers a variety of form factors for the interior unit which provides a lot of options on where it is installed in the wine room.



This shows the details on the CUBE. Water flows between the units in PEX lines. Cold water circulates via a closed loop between 1 and 2. The heat removed from the wine room is dissipated via a closed loop between 2 and 3.