Form and Function merge to create the ideal package for wine storage in high-rise apartments.

This package is ideal for high-rise apartments for many reasons:

  • It does not have a compressor so a line-set and drain are not needed

  • It is does not have a through-the-wall refrigeration unit that vents into an adjoining space

  • It is very quiet

  • The glass repels ultra-violet and UV rays so the building windows have no impact.

The enclosure can have one to four walls of glass and can be any depth, width, or height.

Enclosure - the CAVEA, the airtight enclosure.

Refrigeration - the CUBE, the paradigm breaking wine room refrigeration system.

Result - the ultimate space to protect your valuable wine collection.

CUBE: The Refrigeration

A paradigm breaking electronic cooling system that enables the most precise and stable temperature in the wine room.

  • Ultra-quiet performance

  • No drain or piping to the outdoors

  • Five year warranty upgradable to ten years

  • All equipment is inside; no outdoor equipment

CAVEA: The Enclosure

A high-performance glass & metal shell that provides an air-tight enclosure and blocks harmful rays.

  • 7x the insulation of normal insulated glass

  • Can be installed free-standing or attached to a wall

  • Custom built to any size requirements


The racking inside the custom wine feature could be wood, metal, plexi-glass, stainless steel cables, some combination of all of them or something completely custom!

We can design and build the custom wine feature of your dreams in your high-rise apartment or townhouse.