NCV provides a complete suite of services for wine collectors and their valuable collections.


Packing and Transporting

The NCV team will organize, pack, transport, and unload any size wine collection.  We work in the greater Houston area and have numerous industry contacts for moves outside of greater Houston.

All local moves are done in a refrigerated vehicle at 55 degrees.

NCV carries full cargo coverage along will all required vehicle insurance.

Temporary Storage

All wines requiring temporary storage are stored at one of our two wine storage locations.

Inventory Management

NCV tailors its services to your needs and collecting habits.  Cellar Tracker is used to manage all aspects of the collection, and updates to the collection can be made weekly, monthly or at your desired time frame.  


NCV, along with its industry partners, can assist with acquiring specific wines.

Collection Valuation

Industry-standard pricing sources along with our own contacts are used to develop a valuation for any size wine collection.  This can be done one time or on an ongoing basis.


Please fill out this form to provide us with information on your requirements so we can prepare a quote.


Problems in a wine room usually involve too much moisture.   The cause could be poorly sealed walls or ceilings, improperly installed refrigeration equipment or some combination. Repairs could involve mold remediation, replacing the existing refrigeration system, and much more.  See a sample report for a simple analysis with limited inspection.

NCV has the knowledge, experience and the facilities to cover all aspects of the project, protecting the wine at every step:

  1. Diagnose the problem(s) and develop a plan that includes resolving the problem, making the necessary repairs and rebuilding the racking
  2. Inventory, pack, and transport the collection to temporary storage so the wine is safe during construction
  3. Repair and rebuild the wine room including but not limited to: mold remediation, replacing the refrigeration system, installing new insulation, new racking and whatever else is necessary to create a gorgeous and properly functioning wine room
  4. Transport the wine from storage and place back into the racks