Custom wine rooms built in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Award Winning designs.

Problems in a wine room usually involve too much moisture.   The cause could be poorly sealed walls or ceilings, improperly installed refrigeration equipment or some combination. Repairs could involve mold remediation, replacing the existing refrigeration system, and much more.  See a sample report for a simple analysis with limited inspection.

NCV has the knowledge, experience and the facilities to cover all aspects of the project, protecting the wine at every step:

  1. Diagnose the problem(s) and develop a plan that includes resolving the problem, making the necessary repairs and rebuilding the racking
  2. Inventory, pack, and transport the collection to temporary storage so the wine is safe during construction
  3. Repair and rebuild the wine room including but not limited to: mold remediation, replacing the refrigeration system, installing new insulation, new racking and whatever else is necessary to create a gorgeous and properly functioning wine room
  4. Transport the wine from storage and place back into the racks